To become a student of our  University you need to go through several stages in the following succession:

1. Get the invitation for study

  1. Get the invitation for study.

1.1 To receive an invitation for study at Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, you need to inform us about your desire to study in the most convenient way for you:

  • Send an e-mail to;
  • Call: +38(0342) 59 60 31;
  • Come to Office of International Relation –Shevchenko str., Central building, room 223.

1.2 Send us the following documents which are necessary for preparing the invitation;

  • Consent to personal data collecting and processing (Zgoda-na-obrobku-personalnih-danih, pdf);
  • Copy of documents about the previous education (appendix to educational qualifications), which provide information about a candidate’s progress in academic subjects;
  • Copy of certificate about completing the course of language training (if available);
  • Copy of the first page of the passport or another document, which proves a foreign citizen’s identity;

1.3 Complete the introductory interview -personally or online.

  • To pass the entrance interview on the knowledge of the language which must be on the level, enough for the successful learning of the educational material.
  • To pass the entrance interview on the academic subjects, depending on the chosen specialty.

1.4 To get the original of the invitation for study, which is required for:

  • opening a long-stay visa (for citizens of countries with visa-required entry to Ukraine);
  • presenting it when passing through passport control.


APPLICATION FORM for getting the invitation for studies


  1. Arrival in Ukraine for study in due time.

The academic year in Ukraine starts on September, 1 .

Admission of foreign citizens is conducted, as a rule, till 01 November (except for the admission to the Preparatory Department. Transfer and renewing to studies of the students who were dismissed from higher educational establishments, is conducted as a rule during summer or winter vacations.

To come for study to Ukraine on time you need:

Citizens of countries with visa-required entries to Ukraine must submit:documents for long-stay (student) visa (D-type visa) to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country (if there is no Embassy of Ukraine in your country, pay attention that the country of visa issuing is stated in the form of the invitation for study). Requirements concerning the documents processing and the procedure of applying for visa should be specified on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country. Besides the documents, which are required for visa opening, original of the invitation for study must be submitted.

Citizens of the countries with visa-free entries must have the original of the invitation for study when crossing the Ukrainian border which proves the aim of entry to Ukraine.

2. Join the PNU

  1. Admission to Vasyl Stefanyk National University.

To become a student of our University you need:

The next day after arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk, you need according to the “Order of organization of recruitment to studies (internship) of foreign citizens and stateless persons” approved by the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1541 from 01.11.2013 with changes conducted according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science №1272 from 11.12.2015, submit personally to the Office of International Relations (Central  building, room 223) the following documents:

  • original and notarized copy of the document about the previous obtained educational level (educational-qualification level) on the basis of which the admission is held;
  • original and notarized copy of the diploma supplement about the previous obtained educational level (educational-qualification level) on the basis of which the admission is held;
  • in case of transfer or renewal to studies at PNU a foreigner shall submit an academic transcript issued by the foreign or Ukrainian educational establishment;
  • for master or post-graduate studies a foreigner shall submit the original and the copy of the document which contains the academic plan of the previous level of higher education, obtained credits, duration of studies and the academic performance;
  • copy or original of the passport document of the foreigner or the document which proves the identity of the person without citizenship with a notarized translation into the Ukrainian language;
  • 4 Photos size 35x45mm;
  • copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if available).

Documents, mentioned in paragraphs 1 – 3, must be:

  • verified in the countries of their disclosure in that way, which is officially used in this country for such verification;
  • legalized by the corresponding foreign diplomatic establishment of Ukraine, unless otherwise is provided by the international agreements of Ukraine;
  • translated into Ukrainian language and notarized.

Foreigners, who enter post-graduate studies shall additionally to the above-mentioned documents submit the research plan on the chosen scientific specialty OR the list of the published scientific works and inventions in Ukrainian or English languages, this list must be notarized according to the established procedure by the establishment where the applicant studied or worked.

Foreigners, who enter doctoral studies shall additionally submit comprehensive plan of dissertation thesis for obtaining the scientific degree (of a doctor of philosophy) AND a copy of the diploma on awarding the corresponding scientific degree (of a doctor of philosophy).

All documents about the complete secondary education of foreign citizens must obligatory undergo the Procedure of recognition of documents confirming previous education in Ukraine according to the actual legislation.

In case of successful passing, a foreign citizen must conduct a payment for studies and submit the original of his passport with the visa for entry to Ukraine with the purpose of study to the Office of International Relations (Central  building, room 223) for preparing the permanent residence permit.

The list of necessary documents for registration of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine can be found at