The scholarships offer opportunities for foreign young scientists to undertake research or advanced training at a German state or state-recognized university or research institute. The main purpose of funding is to support dissertation projects. This scholarship program can have the following goals:

  • conducting research in one of the German universities with further defense of the PhD thesis in their country (this also applies to postgraduate programs for developing countries and countries with economies in transition under the “DAAD-Sandwich” model);
  • conducting research in one of the German universities with further defense of the PhD thesis in Germany. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to structured postgraduate programs in the so-called “Graduierten und Promotionskollegs” (educational institutions for those preparing the PhD dissertation), international postgraduate programs, so-called “Graduate Schools” and research institutes named after Max Planck. 



 (ERP or DAAD / OSI scholarships are offered to applicants in economics, architecture, political science, sociology, international relations, law, economics, government, education management, health care and philosophy)

The scholarships provide an opportunity for foreign university graduates to study at a German state or state-recognized university at a postgraduate course or at a master’s degree (Aufbaustudium or Masterprogramm) and obtain a diploma or master’s degree. The scholarship may also be awarded if only the first or second year of study at the master’s program is completed in Germany and the diploma is awarded at the university of your country. It should be borne in mind that at the same time as applying for a scholarship, you must apply independently to your chosen university for admission to study. Keep in mind the deadlines for applying to the curriculum of your choice.

German Universities Curricula:



The scholarships are offered to foreign candidates with specialties in fine arts, design, cinema, music, architecture, as well as theatrical arts, directing, dance and choreography. Obtaining a scholarship gives you the opportunity to study at a German state or state-recognized university for the purpose of advanced training without a diploma at the end of your studies or under a postgraduate diploma program. 



Viadrin European University (Frankfurt am Main) offers scholarships for Ukrainian graduates to participate in the following masters programs:

  • European Studies with specialties Law, Cultural Studies, Economics and Political Science
  • International business administration in finance, accounting, systematic control and taxation; finance and the international economy; information and operational management; management and marketing
  • The history of European culture
  • Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Socio-cultural studios
  • International communications
  • Master of Laws LLM, additional postgraduate training in German law for foreign lawyers.

Objective: Two-year education (for LLM – one-year) on the chosen master’s program with obtaining master’s or master’s degree.