The organization that administers state scholarships in Slovenia is the CMEPIUS Center for Mobility Support and European Programs (CMEPIUS – CentreforMobilityandEuropeanProgrammes, Another source of financial support for students and scholars is the AdFutura Public Science and Education Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (



The Center for Slovenian Language for Foreigners aims to spread Slovenian language, literature and culture abroad. The Center operates within the Slovenian Studies Department of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Ljubljana. It organizes various training programs for foreign students, for whom Slovenian is the second language.

The Slovenian language courses have different duration (20 to 560 hours) and vary in intensity and purpose. The most popular are those that combine the study of Slovenian language, social life and contemporary culture of Slovenia.

For foreigners permanently residing in the country, they organize regular courses in different directions. The center’s priority is also to develop and conduct courses for foreign teachers of Slovenian as the second foreign language research in language pedagogy.

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– Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine: 01030, Kyiv, str. B. Khmelnytskoho, 48, floor 4 tel .: +38 044 585-23-30, fax: +38 044 585-23-43

– CMEPIUS – Center for Support of Mobility and European Programs: Obzeleznici 16, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia;

– Ad futura Foundation (Scientific and Educational Fund of the Republic of Slovenia): Kotnikova 34, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, tel .: +386 14 34-10-80, fax: +386 14 34-10-92; – Slovenian Ministry of Education and Sports: SRCe- Student Information Center.

– International headquarters of the student organization of the University of Ljubljana: Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; tel: +386 14 38-02-53