KA1. Educational mobility

Credit mobility: university cooperation for the mutual exchange of students, faculty and administrative staff is possible on the basis of interinstitutional agreements between higher education institutions of Erasmus + partner countries and programs’ member countries. Within the framework of such agreements, a higher education institution of Ukraine may send students, graduate students, doctoral students (with scholarships under the program) for short-term mobility to partner universities in the EU, and university staff may receive grants for teaching or training at partner universities. Under these agreements, a higher education institution in Ukraine may admit foreign students, graduate students, doctoral students or employees for a short period to study, teach or train.

Degree mobility: collaboration of higher education institutions for the organization and teaching joint master’s programs of study, training or practice involving universities, research institutions and enterprises around the world. The joint Masters programs selected following the competition will receive grant support, which will include funding for the host universities and scholarships for students pursuing the joint master’s program. Applicants to the aforementioned masters program (competitive selection and scholarships) may be bachelor or specialist graduates, as well as undergraduate students studying in the 4th year. Teachers or research scholars may also participate in the program, in particular, may be invited to teach in the program with a scholarship.